Sign Up for a Workshop* during The Nestival! These Workshops are limited availability, and will be taught by some of the awesome performers you’ll see throughout the weekend’s events!

Dramatic Improv

Taught by Only 2 At A Time’s David Christopher

Saturday, April 1, 10:00am-12:00pm


pre-req: You’re a scheduled Nestival performer OR you’ve completed Level 2 at The Nest

This ensemble-based workshop builds on grounded scenework and monologues to create intense and touching dramatic improvisation. Using fluid and low-on-structure formats, we will concentrate on getting to the essence of the honest worlds our characters live in and how we affect each other in them in moving pieces you might swear feel scripted!



Hosted by Late Bloomer’s Liz Marcucci

Saturday, April 1, 12:30pm-1:30pm


Nestival Performers, Nesties Levels 1-4, graduates, and performers welcome!

Not a public show, but a public celebration of improv for those doing the work! Anyone who buys a ticket won’t only be in the audience – they’ll be onstage. Why is it only FOUR DOLLARS? We need to be able to track the number of folks coming – and we want it to be easy to be there!

This is **not a trial course or jam for folks that have never learned improv** but rather a fun practice & reps night for those already doing the work.

This matters, and our Code of Ethics to play always matters; We’re doing the work to change how strangers play together. By purchasing this ticket, you agree to our COE to play.

Emotional Discovery

Taught by Only 2 At A Time’s Mark Mocahbee

Saturday, April 1, 2:00pm-4:00pm


pre-req: You’re a scheduled Nestival performer OR you’ve completed Level 2 at The Nest

For all actors, improvised or scripted, an honest, free and fluid emotional journey for a character is the dream. But how do we get there consistently, without forcing a result? How can technique and a sense of play come together to both find, and express, what a character is feeling in the present moment?  Join us as we explore ways of discovering a character’s emotional life through imagination, physicality, active listening, breathing and playing objective.