Sign Up for a Workshop* during The Nestival! These Workshops are limited availability, and will be taught by some of the awesome performers you’ll see throughout the weekend’s events!

What A Relief, Everything is on Fire

Taught by MurderClown’s Butch Roy and Erin Kennedy

Saturday, April 6, 10:30am-12:30pm


MurderClown teaches their unique brand of clowning and physical presence.
Keep you and your partner out of your comfort zone, hold the stage without relying on spoken words and learn to strike that chord between you and the audience. This workshop will focus on using your body differently to communicate and inspire both you and your scene partner(s) as well as the invisible and silent parts of the scene – including spacework objects and emotional truths

MurderClown was founded on going toward the scary possibilities, how “having someone’s back” can also mean “sneaking up on them” and the fun that can can be found when you stop trying to be nice to your partners and get to what really makes you nervous – and the fun of bringing the audience with you.


Puppetry for Improv

Taught by Puppettown’s Brad Knight & Vanessa Tortolano

Saturday, April 6, 1:00pm-3:00pm


Wanna improvise without the annoying necessity of grooming your face? In this workshop, Vanessa Tortolano and Brad Knight of Monkey Business Institute will teach you the basics of puppeteering. We’ll lend you some puppets and you’ll learn all the basic skills to create a great improvised puppet show.